I am Richard Tyler, born March, 8th 1962 to Emmett and Dixie Tyler in Oxnard , CA. I am a proud Cherokee citizen with a desire to see our citizens succeed while continuing the traditions of our ancestors. I have seen the issues that affect our citizens over the course of my life and I have taken it upon myself in the past to help where I could. 

Over ten years ago I founded the Vian Peace Center with the goal of giving back to our communities and helping with the epidemic of food scarcity, and emergency relief to those in need.  I have seen the tears of joy and gratefulness of those that are fighting just to survive as well as those of complete strangers donating their time and resources while trying to make a difference. 

I have come to a time in my life where I have seen the issues that affected our citizens for far too long and I have decided to step up and lead the change. One of the issues that I have seen all too often in the last several administrations is the shift of policies, and funding to support programs that have only had a short term impact on the citizens of the Cherokee nation or have placed funding in other districts.

I have a vision of enhancing, and building the required infrastructure within district five to attract new businesses, promote agritourism, and promote native owned businesses. 

District five has a rich and diverse history for Cherokee citizens and I have a strong desire to see our history celebrated and our future enriched for generations to come. I hope that with your vote and support I will continue with a seat on the Cherokee nation council and we can put in the hard work to build the foundation that will support the citizens of district five well past my tenure.

I have the honor to call Jacqueline (Jackie) Tyler, a Creek native my wife for the last five and a half years and to have her support in everything I do. Jackie is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She was employed by Tahlequah public schools for seventeen years in the Indian education department as well as taught at Greenwood Elementary school. 

Jackie is also the author of the middle school novel, On the Nationals. Currently she is the special projects coordinator and library manager at the Vian Peace Center.


Of course I would be remiss to not include a picture of Bubbs who makes sure to keep us on our toes and start each day with a kiss.

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